Become Part of One of the Fastest-Growing Segments of the Home Improvement Industry

We Are the Undisputed Industry Leader

We have been providing innovative, industry-leading concrete coating solutions for more than 17 years. We take pride in our work and we focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations every day, on every job. We have coated over 60,000,000 square feet of concrete, and we handle every type of job imaginable—from garages to basements, from warehouses to airplane hangars—and much more.

Demand for Our Services Just Keeps Growing

Did you know that garage enhancement is now the fastest-growing segment of the home-improvement industry? In 2005, 84% of all of new homes had a garage that could fit at least two cars. Many newer homes are now built with three-car garages, and the trend is continuing to grow.

The demand for our products and services keeps on growing. So we’re working hard to make Garage Floor Coating’s innovative products and services available across the United States (and soon across Canada!).

A Recession-Proof Industry

Over the last few years—one of the roughest economic times in history—the garage coating industry has a bright, resilient light. In fact, our company’s biggest period growth happened during one the recent economic recession. Garage renovation and enhancement is a rapidly growing sector with little competition.

Our years of experience in this sector and our industry-leading technology make us the number-one garage coating company in North America.

Become a Dealer and Enjoy These Benefits

  • • Partner with the most experienced coatings company in Canada and the United States
    • Proven earnings and growth
    • Learn from our 17 years of experience and proven success: quickly become the dominant company in your area
    • Extensive in-house and ongoing field training and support
    • No coatings experience necessary
    • Fully electronic and proprietary written standard operating procedures
    • Website and SEO development and assistance
    • No royalties
    • Group buying power
    • Brand recognition


What Our Dealers Are Saying

“You guys do a superior job with support. I’m glad to be a part of this company. Thank you.”

Garage Floor Coating of Illinois

“We have been extremely pleased with service from your company! Shipments arrive accurately, on time, follow-up is thorough and prompt, and response time is minimal. You all have been a huge help as we have gotten our business up and running! Your staff is clearly both committed and knowledgeable. Thank you all for your commitment!”

Garage Floor Coating of MN

“Thank you for all your support and most of all your patience. You and everyone at the home office have been great. The training in Arizona and in the field worked out very well. The program overall has been tremendous. Thanks.”

Indiana Garage Floor Coating

“I am pleased to be part of the Garage Floor Family. You have been exceptional at responding to my needs both long term and short term. I never question if I will receive a return phone call. I could write a lengthy report of how well you have cared for me along with the first class product that we have to work with. I am very pleased with the decision to get involved and take that initial step to get things going.”

Garage Floor Coating of Boston